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Drawn wire end-to-end pins, Solid Press-fit / Star Pin, Barbell Compliant Fit Pin, Knurled Pin, Coined Pin


Drawn wire pin technology is a total process solution that offers a large variety of pin sizes, types and features along with a continuous packaging format compatibility with high speed automation. This flexibility along with high-speed automation provides the lowest applied cost for any interconnect pins available on the market.

The drawn wire pin technology allows you to design a component to your exact specifications without costly engineering charges. Along with specialized component capability all PCB pins are also designed with automation in mind. Autosplice's automation technology is compatible with both through-hole and SMT process technologies. The Autosplice end-to-end PCB pins offer a single turnkey process solution to mixed technology manufacturing.​​

drawn wire PCB pins packaged end-to-end on continuous reel for assembly automation

Component Features

All drawn wire PCB pin products are supplied on continuous reel, notched at each end to your exact length specification. The notch creates a tapered lead-in, eliminating the potential for board damage during assembly. Additionally, end-to-end pins can be supplied with a variety of features designed to maximize component to board retention for both soldered or solderless connections.

Continuous Reel Pin Packaging


Packaged end-to-end on continuous reel, PCB pin components are ready for machine assembly at various levels of automation. The same component reel supplies pins to Semi-Automatic, Stand-Alone or In-Line Insertion systems. Additionally, the modular insertion tooling for all systems are interchangeable for future machine upgrades.​

PCB pin features


  • Continuous reeled, end-to-end packaging for automatic machine assembly

  • Wide range of user defined specifications

  • Thousands of configurations tooled

  • Pins available for SMT and through-hole application

  • Soldered and solderless pin types available

PCB pin benefits


  • Allows highly reliable, cost saving automation

  • Maximizes design flexibility

  • Meet special design requirements without incurring NRE costs

  • Design for manufacturability

  • SMT and mixed technology process compatibility

  • Optimize manufacturing processes for lower costs



Solid Press-fit / Star drawn wire end-to-end Pin
Solid Press-fit / Star drawn wire end-to-end Pin cross section

Retention Frame

Solid Press-fit / Star Pin

A connection formed when the sharp corners of a component displace material on insertion. In a typical PTH (plated-through hole) the copper underlayer is displaced or deformed.​


  • Stable Mechanical Soldered Connection

  • Strain relief soldered electrical interconnect

  • Requires tight tolerances of PCB insertion holes; Typically +/- .002" for pin sizes less than .025", PCB hole tolerance is +/- .001"

  • Recommended for use with single or double-sided PCB's and plastic substrates

Insert into a board through hole

Barbell Compliant Fit drawn wire end-to-end Pin cross section

Collapsed web offers spring retention for solderless termination

Barbell Compliant Fit drawn wire end-to-end Pin

Barbell Compliant Fit Pin

A connection is formed when a spring loaded press-fit section collapses and complies with the plated through PCB holes. This interconnect forms a gas tight connection with a plated through PCB hole eliminating the need for soldering. Barbell is available in .025" square pins and is a direct solderless replacement for Industry standard .100" centers/pin headers.


  • lnsertable into plated-through PCB holes only

  • PCB insertion hole tolerance of ±.003"

  • Solderless gas tight connection

  • Recommended for use with double sided and multilayer PCB' s

Large collapsing gap offers wide insertion range of +- .005

Large collapsing gap offers wide insertion range of ±.005

Conforming Fit Pin

A connection that is formed when a spring loaded press-in section collapses on insertion, forming a reliable termination across a wide range of hole sizes and PCB materials.


  • Insertable into all PCB types or materials

  • Solder hole tolerance of ±.005"

  • Solderless hole tolerance of ±.003"

Knurled drawn wire end-to-end Pin
Knurled drawn wire end-to-end Pin cross section

Square Pin

Round Pin

Knurled Pin

These pins offer enhanced retention properties especially when inserted into plastic substrates and thinner PCB's. The knurled feature also allows for insertion flush to the bottom side of a PCB for compatibility with bottom side SMT process stenciling and subsequent reflow operations.


  • Soldered connection

  • Insertable into PCB's or plastic substrates

  • Low profile PCB insertion allows for screen paste and subsequent SMT compatible reflow processes

Coined drawn wire end-to-end Pin
Coined drawn wire end-to-end Pin cross section

All four corners are coined for smaller cross section

Coined Pin

Available as an option on all square pin sizes, the coined section serves the following functions:

  1. When inserted into plastic, the coined section acts as a non-interference zone. This eliminates potential damage or dragging of substrate material when long inserted lengths ore required.​

  2. When used as board to board interconnects, the square end is inserted into a mother board. The coined end presents a smaller target to the holes on the daughter cord. This makes aligning hundreds of pins to PCB holes easy.

product line


Follow this specification guide to create a drawn wire pin you need for your next project. And don't hesitate to contact us for custom pins or to ask any questions.

STEP 1.    Understand our part numbering system

Create Pin drawing you need.

Pin Series

Overall Length of Pin

Pin Length Above Star

Pin Length

0 = Under 1" long pin

1 = Over 1" long pin


2 = Brass

5 = Phosphor Bronze

7 = (CuNiSn Alloy)


BB = Au .000005” min. / Nickel

CC = Au .000010” / Nickel

WW = Au .000015” / Nickel

DD = Au .000020” / Nickel

EE = Au .000030” / Nickel

NN = Ni .000050” min.

TT = 

RR = Unplated

Pin Type

1 = Square, No star

2 = Square, Std. star

4 = Round, No star

5 = Round, Std. star

A = Square, Coin

C = Round, Knurl

D = Square, Knurl

6 = Square, Compliant

9 = Square, Conforming

Pin Size

18 = .018"

20 = .020"

22 = .022"

25 = .025"

31 = .031"

40 = .040"

45 = .045"

50 = .050"

59 = .059"

2 5 1 2 0 2 3 0 1 7 0 A A

drawn wire PCB pin contact pin solid wire pin connectr pin

Pin Sizes

Drawn wire pins are available in square, round and rectangular cross sections. Cross sections can be specified in .001" increments. Most common sizes are available without any tooling charges.

Pin Lengths

Pin lengths can be specified in .010" increments from .100" [2.54] to 1.875" [47.62] lengths. Most lengths and sizes are made with no tooling charges.

STEP 2.    Refer to the drawings of the available pin variations

STEP 3.    Complete the part number and contact Santana Lugo to make an order

Santana Lugo

Talk to Santana Lugo.

He is an expert in drawn wire pins, terminals and insertion equipment.

858. 678. 3105


Talk to Santana Lugo.

He is an expert in drawn wire pins.

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