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Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs).



Today’s digital circuits are becoming more susceptible to noise and interference due to lower level signals and the need for fast rise and fall times. The electronics industry has a variety of products to assist with EMI and RFI suppression.


Considering many factors such as device assembly, noise reduction, PCB rework capability, and cost, shield clips and covers from Autosplice provide an attractive solution. Autosplice manufactures surface mount shield clips designed for removable shield covers to enable rework or circuit tuning while also providing sensitive components the EMI and RFI protection they require.


Autosplice shield clips and covers offer premium RFI and EMR noise suppression with two designs, the standard shield clip uses four independent spring contacts and the corner shield clip to minimize interference on the most sensitive devices.


Shield clips are available in EIA standard tape and reel packaging for automated, high-speed assembly placement. Component EMI/RFI shields are made to order to accommodate your device requirements. 

Our shield clips have manufacturability in mind. Designed with an easy pick-and-place added feature it allows you to grab a clip from the top using standard nozzle versus using a smaller geometrical one while maintaining the solder-wicking hole at the bottom.

Preferred by most volume assembly manufacturers for ease of use and functionality.

Miniature Shield Clip

Height  0.031" [0.80 mm]

Micro Shield Clip

Height  0.047" [1.20 mm]

Compact Shield Clip

Height  0.050" [1.28 mm]

Mini Shield Clip

Height  0.080" [2.04 mm]

Midi Shield Clip

Height  0.142" [3.62 mm]

Corner Shield Clip

Height  0.039" [1.0 mm]



When Power modules or PCB sub assemblies are challenged by coplanarity issues or length and width restrictions, Solderball Pin technology from Autosplice provides an excellent solution. Its versatile, compact design incorporates the miniaturization of solderball interconnection, with the mechanical strength of a through hole pin. The simple configuration works to compensate for sub-assembly boards and/or host board to daughter board PCB assemblies where a mezzanine connection is required or simply to stack PCBs when length and width limitations require a stackable solution.


PCB designers can position inter-board connections anywhere in the circuit path to optimize performance and avoid the need to route all traces to a rigid connector location. The solder ball sphere provides the interconnection to the host PCB and compensates for board coplanarity variation. An insulator disk provides the proper positioning for the solder sphere during the reflow process, performing as a solder dam and facilitates the pick and place capability. A copper alloy pin provides a robust through-hole attachment to the PCB and also determines the stack height of the two mated PCBs.


Standard Solderball Pin products are available with different pin tail configurations, including straight, tapered or double-tiered to accommodate PCB layouts, assembly processes and dimensional optimization.


Solderball Pins have been tested to perform current capacities of up to 40 amps. Packaged in tape and reel formats, Solderball Pins from Autosplice provide a cost-effective solution for today’s high density circuits.

Midi Solderball Pin

Tapered Pin ⌀  0.033" [0.84 mm]

Ball ⌀ 0.071" [1.8 mm]

Midi Solderball Pin

Tapered Pin ⌀  0.059" [1.5 mm]

Ball ⌀ 0.071" [1.8 mm]

Midi Solderball Pin

Straight Pin ⌀  0.033" [0.84 mm]

Ball ⌀ 0.071" [1.8 mm]

Midi Solderball Pin

Straight Pin ⌀  0.064" [1.62 mm]

Ball ⌀ 0.071" [1.8 mm]

Mini Solderball Pin

Straight Pin ⌀  0.038" [0.96 mm]

Ball ⌀ 0.041" [1.04 mm]

Power Mini SMT to SMT

Tierd Pin ⌀  0.070" [1.78 mm]

Ball ⌀ 0.041" [1.04 mm]



Autosplice miniature spring contacts provide a convenient and cost effective contact that is ideal for Near Field Communications (NFC) antennas in mobile devices.


Autosplice Spring Contacts are manufactured in a one piece configuration from copper alloy. The single piece design provides superior contact resistance and mechanical stability when subjected to vibration over traditional two piece contacts.


Spring clips from Autosplice offer a premium solution at an attractive price for a variety of products applications including, smart phones, smart watches and other wearable technologies, point of sale terminals, wireless LAN communications, security cameras, and other wireless communication products. Spring contacts from Autosplice are also used for grounding or shielding on PCBs. Spring contacts are commonly used to ground the cover of a device to the PCB.


Autosplice Spring Contacts have a rated electrical capacity of 2.0 Amps, among the highest in the industry, while having one of the smallest footprints. Autosplice spring contacts are packaged in EIA standard tape and reel configurations for high speed assembly equipment.


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