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Assembly of Multi-Position Connector

Autosplice provides in-house design, build, assembly, and factory acceptance testing of insertion equipment and automation for fully- and semi-automated assembly of connectors.


The housing for this 6-way connector is molded in-house, and the terminals are gang-loaded into the housing, and camera-inspected with a customized in-house automation.

Duration: 1:15


Assembly of Electronic Module with Integrated Assembly

This radar module is insert molded in-house, and every part is 100% inspected with an in-process automated optical inspection (AOI) system. The press-fit terminals are stamped in-house, and the press-fits zone is also 100% inspected with an in-line AOI system​.

Duration: 0:57

PCB assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Overview

Our PCB assembly capabilities include: In-line insertion systems for Press-fit and Solder tail components, sockets, power lugs; Pin-in-paste for variety of components; In-line conformal coating; In-line Presses for lug sub assemblies;  Placement of Surface Mount components; Double-sided reflow; Heavy copper multilayer PCBA processes (up to 12 oz layers). Our quality control and testing capabilities include: In-circuit test; Functional test; Hi-Pot in-line and off-line testing.

Duration: 1:02


MiniSert | High-speed Pin Insertion Machine


This single head stand-alone platform comes complete with a 12” X 12” insertion envelope and servo driven head actuation.

Minisert XE comes complete with our standard vision system that detects and corrects board error and skew. 

Additionally, a scan-all function allows for complete sequencing through the entire program to verify and correct all programmed insertion locations.

Duration:  0:43


MircoSert Bench Top High-Speed Pin Insertion Machine

Its design allows one operator to run two machines simultaneously which significantly increases the production efficiency. ​


We carry more than a dozen of various insertion heads designed for each component. We also offer the development of unique heads and tooling specifically for your project. Our modular pin insertion head technology allows for quick application tooling changeover and maintenance.

Duration: 0:38

SAS/2 Splicing Machine Overview

The SAS/2 splicing system consists of a semi-automatic machine and a reel of continuous Spliceband material. The machine feeds, cuts, and forms the Spliceband to create highly reliable connections without expensive pre-formed crimps. In this video we show how to splice / crimp wire to wire, wire to component, 3-way wire and wire to PCB.

Duration: 1:19


How to change tool set on SAS/2

This video offers a step-by-step guide on how to remove an existing tool set from SAS/2 splice machine and install a new tool set.

Duration: 6:07

ACS 2000 Splicing Machine Overview

Designed and tested throughout Europe, this proven platform provides reliable repeatable performance across a wide spectrum of interconnect challenges, such as: wire to wire (solid or stranded);wire to switch or component lead to switch; wire or component lead to flex circuit; wire or lead to flex circuit; wire or lead to PCB; flex circuit to PCB.

Duration: 1:36

Shape Memory Alloy wire assembly handling feeder / de-reeler


This fully automated machine is designed to remove Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wire assemblies from PVC tape packaging, which is used to protect wire assemblies during shipment and to present assemblies for use in subsequent operations.

Duration 0:45

Shape Memory Alloy wire used in Drug Dispensing Unit

For this dispensing unit it was essential to develop a low profile release system. SMA wire eliminated the need for solenoids and increased the number of containers available in a given area, with flexible configuration management. 

In addition to offering custom control that is difficult to match via traditional devices, Shape Memory Actuators also offer low cost, low power, generate less heat, are extremely lightweight and offer quiet operation.

Duration: 0:29

Shape Memory Alloy wire application​ | Mini Actuator

Rotational/Direct Pull Shape Memory Actuator is an ideal solution for flap and vent mechanisms and is well suited for ice dispensing and vented areas in appliance applications. As designed, the actuator can support a rotation up to 55° or a direct pull of 0.158” (4.1mm). The actuator also incorporates a unique “compliancy” or “wedge proof” design that overrides and protects the product from jamming situations, offering silent and power-efficient performance. Tested to greater than 500,000 cycles of continuous operation.

Duration: 0:41



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