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Press-fit continuous molded header


Continuous molded 0.64 & 0.81 mm press-fit & solder tail PCB header connectors provide convenient, cost effective automation and placement.

Continuous molded terminal header is a PCB connector designed specifically for manufacturing optimization, providing the lowest applied cost pin header available. Autoheader’s continuous molded design provides the ultimate productivity solution for value and simplicity through its cut-to-size adaptability, creating easy automated assembly and reducing part number inventories and procurement costs.

Supplied on a reel, Autoheader enables a manufacturer to source a single part number for ease of procurement. Any number of pin positions can be automatically cut from the continuous reel and inserted by industry standard placement equipment. Autoheader products are also available in trays, tubes, or tape and reel formats, pre-cut to your requirements.

Continuous molded pin header is manufactured with solder tail terminal types for pin-in-paste applications and press-fit (Eye-of-Needle / solderless) terminal configurations. Autoheader is compatible with multiple wave solder and high temperature SMT reflow processes including IR reflow, convection reflow and vapor phase reflow. A variety of industry standard sizes and pin spacing including dual row and right angle styles are readily available. Custom products are easily manufactured for Telecommunications, Consumer, Industrial and Automotive USCAR socket connectors.

Manufactured with a UL 94V-0 flammability rated, high temperature plastic insulator and copper alloy pins with Tin/Lead and lead-free plating options, Autoheader is suitable for signal and power connections.

Custom headers are easily produced for many standard Telecom, Consumer, Computer and Automotive USCAR socket connectors. Continuously reeled AutoHeader product can be cut into any make-to-order connector with the use of a programmable AutoTrimmer™ machine or adjustable Manual Cutter.   



Press-fit continuous molded PCB pin header connector
Press-fit continuous molded PCB pin header connector


Solder tail continuous molded PCB pin header connector
Solder tail continuous molded PCB pin header connector



AutoTrimmer produces cut headers automatically from continuous molded header reels.

AutoTrimmer produces cut header connectors automatically from continuous molded pin header reels

The New AutoTrimmer from Autosplice is a benchtop machine that automatically feeds and cuts Autoheader reeled pin header connectors to the required number of positions. 


The Autotrimmer is an excellent addition to your electronics assembly line as it reduces costs by minimizing inventory and waste through consolidation of various part numbers. 


Taking advantage of the AutoHeader continuous pin header, an operator programs the desired pin count and number of headers required. The Autotrimmer will cut single or dual row headers precisely, from 1 position to 40 positions per row, with no waste. Once the operator programmed quantity has been cut, the machine will automatically stop. 


Programming is completed through an easy to read and operate touch screen display. 


  • Weight: 45 Lbs approximate

  • Size: 16” L x 16” W x 36” H approximate

  • Power: 110 V  and Air source

  • Production Rate: 1800 pcs. per hour

  • Interface: touch screen

Santana Lugo

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