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Custom Connectors and Insert molding products incorporate robust press-fit terminals with precision molding and low cost flexible assembly technology. 

These various connector assemblies, which are completely in-house manufactured, include an airbag controller, seat module, and 48V DC-DC connectors. Each features our approved 0.64mm thick press-fit terminal and customized plastic housings. Terminal insertion is accomplished via automated equipment.


At Autosplice our product development staff are connector design experts. Our broad knowledge of the connector industry and more than 50 years of experience, make Autosplice the first choice for your custom connector needs.

Contact Autosplice today and let our experienced team of engineers design your next Custom Connector to solve even the most complex and rigorous applications. Our staff will provide the best design solution at a competitive price. Autosplice is here to partner with you.


We design and build custom electro-mechanical interconnect devices, custom stamped contacts and lead-frames (straight, right-angle, or multi-bend configurations). We also produce round & square wire terminals, all of which can be insert molded, or pressed directly into a plastic header, housing, cap, cover, or module.


 We focus on innovative, versatile and cost effective solutions tailored specifically to meet your project requirements. From basic molded headers to high-density shrouded connectors where environment and voltage rating are a factor, Autosplice has the experience, resources and expertise to meet your needs.


We do our own in-house molding, stamping, and assembly work. Our vast assortment of molding and stamping equipment, coupled with our automation assembly technology assure the reliability and quality of your next project. 


•  Progressive Die Stamping 

•  Vertical Insert Molding 

•  Horizontal Continuous Molding 

•  Press-Fit Terminals 

•  Complex Lead Frames & Busses 

•  Robotic Automation Assembly 

•  Dispensing UV Cured Materials 

•  100% AOI, Hi-pot, and Continuity Testing 

In-house connector assembly with 0.64mm thick press-fit terminal and customized plastic housing
Commercial Vehicle connectors - Agriculture connectors
Autosplice Snap lock connectors for custom housings
Automotive- Insert molded Automotive Power connectors –Electric and Hybrid applications
These insert molded radar and transmission range sensor modules feature our approved 0.64mm thick press-fit terminal, and are completely in-house manufactured.

Autosplice provides innovative, versatile and cost effective insert molded products that integrate the electrical connector portion into the molding process, creating an integrated connector module. 

Our product design efforts consider your company’s entire manufacturing process not just the component. This includes the preferred sealing method which often uses laser sealing or gasket sealing and potential device pressure changes that can often be overlooked. 




01 / VALUE

Integrated connector modules offer tremendous value for electronic assemblies and sensors since a seamless manufacturing process is used to form the component that maintains structural integrity and eliminates potential leak paths protecting internal circuitry in harsh environments.


Engineering expertise spanning decades, in both product and machine design and volume manufacturing includes FEA modeling of mechanical and thermal stresses, material compatibilities, and environmental considerations to secure final product long term reliability. 

Using our in-house manufactured press-fit terminals and precision metal stampings, reliability, quality and value are assured. 


Manufacturing capabilities include both horizontal and vertical electric injection molding machines with capacities ranging from 35 to 250 tons, robot controlled bushing and terminal insertion and 100% product validation through advanced vision and sensor controlled quality systems.  


Lead frames, press fit pins, tabs, lugs, buss bars and other precision stampings are suitable for integration. 


Product families can benefit from common enclosures by utilizing common injection molding tooling, where a snap fit connector can be easily inserted into the base tooling offering multiple variants for a shared platform where circuit board interchanges are necessary.  The snap fit connector offers tremendous savings since one tool can provide several product platforms by switching connector types. 

Automotive – potted insert molded press fit housing
Press fit electrolytic capacitor housing
Automotive Airbag assembly with Autosplice snap lock connectors
custom FR-4 header connectors



Create a custom header with standard components without the tooling cost for a custom plastic molding or stamping die, with delivery in weeks instead of months! 

Together as a team Autosplice can help you create your custom header or frame with any Autosplice component (pin - tab - SMT pin - socket).

Use FR-4 glass epoxy (PC board material) as the insulator and match the CTE of your PC board for increased reliability in SMT applications . Prototype and production in low to high volumes available at minimal investment with Custom Headers that satisfy application needs.


•  Minimize tooling cost.

•  Quick turnaround prototypes.

•  Various header thicknesses and colors

•  Low cost changes

•  Low volume to high volume

•  Replace hand placement of components

•  Custom designs with quick turn delivery

•  Various packaging: bulk, strip form, panels or tape & reel

•  Ask us how to package for automation

low cost custom FR-4 header connector
low cost custom FR-4 s-tab header connector
low cost custom FR-4 header connector

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