The all-new 0.4mm EON press-fit zone is designed to work with the now industry-standard plated-through-hole size of 0.60±0.05mm. The press-fit zone achieves optimum retention strength at each end of the PTH size range.

Using solderless press-fit technology for on-board interconnects allows all SMT processes (solder paste screening, top & bottom side component placement, reflow, etc.) to be carried out completely independent of interconnect assembly. This eliminates the costs and challenges of integrating difficult process steps such as odd-form placement of connectors, pinning through paste, secondary solde...

Here we will discuss: 1) How crimping technology solves these challenges to provide highly reliable and repeatable assemblies in high-volume manufacturing environments. 2) How these difficult-to-handle assemblies can be efficiently packaged for further automation to integrate them into final assemblies.

The Need for Automation-ready Solderless Interconnects

Creating on-board interconnect solutions is an area of significant challenge for the implementation of lead-free soldering processes. One key area for high volume manufacturers is maintaining overall production efficiency. The secondary soldering processes that have been traditionally required for attaching large connectors and other speci...

At Autosplice, our mission since 1954 has been to provide exceptional value to meet our customer requirements. Our success has largely been on the shoulders of the machine that generated our name, the SAS2 Splice Machine. We pioneered this technology and its products over 60 years ago and today we remain as the leading source of expertise for splicing components.

Recently, one of the larg...

Surface mounted shield clips from Autosplice offer one of the most cost effective means to solve these noise problems. The surface mounted shield clips from Autosplice are the preferred solution by the electronics assembly industry by saving PCB real estate.

Automation-ready, discrete components offer design flexibility and facilitate SMT reflow while eliminating coplanarity issues. New connector designs leverage solderball pin technology to optimize board-to-board and specialized interconnect arrays.

The growing use of multi-board modular product designs across a widening range of electronics applications is driving the need for advanced intercon...

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