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Splice / Crimp Technology produces gas-tight, repeatable, and waste-free low resistance crimped connections. It has proven to be the lowest applied cost wire connection in the industry. Splice Technology feeds, cuts, forms, and splices connections quickly, eliminating the need for pre-formed crimps. 


  • Lowest applied assembly cost connection 

  • Production up to 2,300 crimps per hour 

  • Fast tooling changes 

  • Efficient, continuously fed material 

  • No scrapped material 

  • Easy to operate/fast learning curve 


  • Compatible with virtually all wire and cable types 

  • Vast toolset library for most common wire diameters 

  • Numerous spliceband material and size options 

  • Wire-to-wire 

  • Wire-to-PCBAs (D-Bit) 

  • Textiles, Fiberglass, Plastics 

  • Wire-to-component 

  • Wire-to-flex circuit (D-Bit) 


  • Over 60 years in the industry 

  • Consistent and repeatable processes and controls 

  • Proven tool sets 

  • Meets UL 486C 

  • Meets MIL - STD 202 

  • Meets IEC 60352-2 

  • Meets IPC/WHMA-A-620 









































Splicing / crimping is a proven technology that solves assembly challenges where soldering is inadequate mechanically due to vibration, susceptibility to pull forces, fatigue or other usability factors (heat sinking, wetting, flux restrictions).


Autosplice Spliceband provides the lowest applied assembly cost connection when compared to soldering or resistance welding. 

Spliceband is compatible with solid and stranded wire types and is proven to be more than 50% faster than wire soldering connections. 

As the industry leader, our vast tooling library provides solutions to the most challenging wire types and materials. These tooling options can crimp multiple wires, 3-way wires, strain relief, magnet wire, tinsel wire, litz wire, and coax wire, of virtually all gauge diameters.


Produced in a variety of material options and sizes, Spliceband offers greater reliability than soldering with faster throughput.


Spliceband is produced with or without serrations with tool options than create a variety of finished splice crimps including, standard, ferrule, and pigtail versions. 



Direct to Board Interconnect Technology eliminates the need for costly connectors, while producing a high quality connection.

D-BIT (wire to PCB crimp connection) provides high quality mechanical and electrical connection to PCB’s, flex circuits and other substrate materials, without the need for solder or traditional connectors. 

Used with Autosplice SAS/2, SAS/3 and ACS2000 machines, D-BIT offers significant applied assembly cost savings for interconnections to printed circuit boards, flex circuits and other substrate materials by reducing components and assembly time. 

D-BIT direct wire to circuit board technology can be applied to both solid and stranded wire. 

D-BIT solves height restrictive assemblies where traditional connector methods are too tall or cost prohibitive. D-BIT assembly provides an excellent solution to PCB assemblies where solder joints cold form due to heat sinking. 

Provides protection against cable failure caused from pulling, pushing, twisting.



Prevents mechanically applied forces from being transferred to the electrical conductor terminations


Supports a minimum of 10 lbs. pull force without slipping on jacket


Cable remains intact when crimped and when stressed by pulling, pushing or twisting forces

Works with over-molding, solid/smooth, and segmented wire grommets and bend reliefs

Small form factor saves space, fits most applications

Securely anchors and protects cable, reinforces mechanical strength

Manufactured from brass for durability and low cost, high volume applications

Works with Autosplice ACS2000 machines for efficient assembly (requires Strain Relief Tool Set)


Using magnet-piercing splice band, the splice system will produce a connection of an unstripped magnet wire directly to wire or component.


Spliceband for magnet wire (M-Spliceband) provides a cost effective and reliable method for connecting wires to electric motors, transformers, speakers, coils, alternators, solenoids, inductors and small appliances. 

M-Spliceband uses a proprietary serrated profile, penetrating the various varnishes and coatings used on copper and aluminum magnet wire, producing a strong, reliable gas-tight interconnection between wires. 

Multiple wires can be spliced simultaneously, with no pre-stripping required. Supported by a variety of tool sets, M-Spliceband enables high productivity splicing connections with no wasted material. 


Send us your cable assemblies and receive a FREE evaluation of tool sizing and pull strength capabilities.

As the industry leader, our vast tooling library provides solutions to the most challenging wire types and materials. These tooling options accommodate multiple wires, strain relief, magnet wire, tinsel wire, litz wire, and coax wire, of virtually all gauge diameters. 




SAS/2 has unprecedented machine life; over 25 years of reliable service reported by many customers.

The SAS/2 splicing system consists of a semi-automatic machine and a reel of continuous Spliceband material. The machine feeds, cuts, and forms the Spliceband to create highly reliable connections without expensive pre-formed crimps. 


  •  Eliminates soldering

  •  Scrap free operation

  •  Can be integrated into automated system

  •  Excellent process reliability

  •  Comprehensive Toolset library

  •  Push action Spliceband feeding mechanism

  •  Functions with Spliceband material types and widths  from 2 mm to 9 mm (Standard widths include 2 mm,      4 mm, and 6 mm)

  • 110 V or 230 V available


ACS 2000 Global Splice System is the most advanced, adaptable splice interconnect applicator available for global manufacturing environments.

ACS 2000

Designed and tested throughout Europe, this proven platform provides reliable repeatable performance across a wide spectrum of interconnect challenges, such as: wire to wire (solid or stranded);wire to switch or component lead to switch; wire or component lead to flex circuit; wire or lead to flex circuit; wire or lead to PCB; flex circuit to PCB.


  • Servo Motor Drive technology

  • Five piece modular tooling for quick application set-up, changeover and maintenance

  • LED illuminated work area

  • Micro-adjust spliceband feed mechanism (increments of .05 mm, .002″)

  • Digital Crimp Height adjustments (increments of .01 mm, .0004″)

  • Dual plate feeder eliminates damage to spliceband by rollers

  • Programmable splice preselect function counts down and stops at end of job

  • CE Certified


Use our expertise and unlimited capacity to supplement your existing production or assemble it from scratch.

Splice assembly services performed with lower costs at our manufacturing center in Mexico.

ISO TS16949 quality certification meets your highest manufacturing expectations



CFM 4000


It is an optional feature for all our Splice Machines, where process monitoring is preferred.

Production Quality Monitoring aids in the detection of:

  • Incorrect wire cross-section

  • Incorrect terminal

  • Inconsistent terminal material

  • Insulation in wire crimp

  • Incorrect insertion depth



Spliceband is manufactured with unique serrations for magnet wire or standard wire types.

Spliceband material is engineered for a variety of applications and operating conditions.


It is suitable for multi-strand and solid core copper and aluminum wires.

Available in several widths, thickness and metal types, our Spliceband materials and machines provide reliable connections meeting and exceeding the following standards:

  • UL 486C

  • MIL – STD 202

  • IEC 60352-2

  • IPC/WHMA-A -620

  • RoHS



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