Why using Surface Mount Shield Clips is a cost-effective solution?

Electronics have enriched our world in many ways from smart phones to downloading television programs, sophisticated electronics makes this possible. However, when devices are used in noisy environments, the semiconductor devices used to manufacturer these items need protection from the noise sources that surround them. While noise sources are generally from radio frequency interference (RFI) or electro mechanical interference (EMI), there are several means to protect these devices to ensure desired performance.

One of the most cost effective ways is the use of a metal shield that is placed over the top of the noise sensitive components. What makes this solution truly cost effective is that the shield can be removed for testing and reworking should the device need service. Surface mounted shield clips from Autosplice offer one of the most cost effective means to solve these noise problems. The surface mounted shield clips from Autosplice are the preferred solution by the electronics assembly industry by saving PCB real estate.

A unique feature to the Autosplice shield clip is the pick-up tab that aids in the pick and place assembly process on several product versions. Electronics Assembly Providers appreciate the trouble-free pick and place operation from the tape and reel supplied components. Manufactured in several sizes, shield clips from Autosplice offer value by eliminating through holes, and post reflow processes. Shield clips from Autosplice provide a fast solution for mating shields to PCBs and substantial improvement in time and simplicity of assembly tuning and rework operations.

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